Hi! I'm Eric, a software engineer from the University of Michigan.

I created this website to give some insight into who I am as a person and worker.
Please take a look and feel free to reach out to me!

What I Do

I am a problem solver and fervent learner by nature. It is a hobby of mine to be in a constant state of growth. This comes into play even more in regards to things I am passionate about. Here are some skills I've picked up as a result of this mindset:

C, C++, Java, Python

I am familiar with Microsoft Azure

SVN and Git

Software as a Service and network security

I have real-world experience with containerized systems, especially using Docker

Relational and non-relational databases

Windows, Linux Distributions (Ubuntu, CentOS, Tails)

Computer hardware

I am a native English speaker

I am a heritage Portuguese speaker with bilingual proficiency

I have studied several years of Spanish and can speak it with professional proficiency

About Me

Some places I've traveled to!


I have always loved electronics and computers, and so computer science and its related fields in general were perfect for me. In my own time I have been learning about networking, APIs and how to utilize them, app development, Software as a Service, and most recently, server administration and scripting. Scripting is particularly fun, as automating monotonous day-today tasks is actually pretty useful!

This past year I got tired of not having enough cloud photo storage, paying spotify memberships, and more. I decided it was time to host my own server, so I built a NAS from scratch and deployed it with TrueNAS Scale. From there I incrementally added containerized applications until I was satisfied. Most recently I have set up a reverse proxy with Nginx and encryption provided by Lets Encrypt so I can safely access it worldwide! Needless to say, having practically infinite photo storage, being able to buy music directly from artists, and having it all under my own administration has been very instructive and rewarding.

As for work enviroments, I am usually an independent and self-disciplined worker, but I am well-versed in team enviroments, and have never failed to navigate interpersonal dynamics. I routinely get along with everyone I come by, regardless of background.

On a personal level

My non-career related hobbies include: language learning, traveling, sports, weight lifting, art and animation, photography, history, and video games. Most recently, I have been studying Japanese. If I had to guess, my current level (based on CEFR) would be around B1. I hope to continue until a C2 level, and then pick up a new language (I was thinking Chinese or Russian). I love to play any sport, but my favorites are basketball, volleyball, badminton, and spikeball. I also play all types of video games, but my favorite in recent history would have to be Omori, although I have an incredible amount of hours played in Civ V. I am also very fond of Battlefield 1, and how cinematic the gameplay felt. It renwed my interest in WWI and the various fronts of the war like the Gallipoli Campaign and the battles along the Suez.

A fun fact about me is that I have three citizenships!

All in all, I enjoy seeking out new experiences and learning about history, culture, and people through various mediums.


If you'd like to contact me, shoot me an email, I'd be happy to share my resume if you're interested!